Agreement Kft

OptEN Kft., one of Hungary`s leading providers of company information, is free enterprise search service. Some of our colleagues have two higher level qualifications or qualifications. The high quality of our work is also guaranteed by the fact that this year has obtained Kft certification.iso agree. The addition of the network of contacts with other companies, individual contractors and individuals linked by the companies registered at the headquarters of the company under investigation. The OFEN Ethics Committee is chaired by one of our colleagues. Particular attention will be paid to close and cooperative cooperation with creditors and creditors` committees. As a result, in many cases, creditors provide useful assistance in carrying out our work. Our company is a member of the National Association of Liquidators and Trustees and is committed to quality work that is carried out in accordance with legal requirements. Our company is a member of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Registration number: BU11192578 The Judicial Administrator grants creditors and other parties access to legal documents and legal copies during working hours. As part of the move, our renovated office furniture store and computer system have been significantly developed.

This allows for greater data security, more accurate recordings and, overall, better work. Our Internet connection is multichannel, so it works reliably in all conditions. If you would like to contact us, please do so at the following address, phone number or email address. In 2005, our company experienced significant development. That is why we have expanded our operations to several counties where we have not yet conducted liquidation activity. This evolution has continued in several phases. We already have branches in all jurisdictions in all jurisdictions except Heves. On the basis of the hearings, we are fulfilling the duties of the bankruptcy law across the country.

Please provide your data accurately to make a successful contact! The year in which the company was created (or, if so, its most recent transformation, merger or spin-off) is the year it was founded. The company`s analysis presents the most important positive and negative information about a company in an easily readable format. Opten Ltd. uses its own constantly updated corporate database and the latest officially available corporate balance sheet data as a source to perform a comprehensive analysis of the company being reviewed based on scientific contexts and algorithms. The company`s analysis report is optimized for residential use. Ideal for checking current or future organizations or checking suppliers (suppliers, sellers). It may be particularly important to check companies when they require prepayment or prepayment before the delivery of their work, services or goods.